Journal of Regional Section of Serbian Medical Association in Zajecar
Year 2004     Volumen 29     Number 1
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UDK 616.42-006.44-07 : 57.083.3  ISSN 0350-2899, 29(2004) 1 p.14-21

Original paper

Immunohistochemical Analysis of Cyclin D1 Expression in Low Grade B-Cell non Hodgkin Lymphomas

Darko Vugdelija
Internistička služba, Zdravstveni centar Zaječar

Non Hodgkin lymphomas (NHL) represent diversity group of clonal diseases, which arises from lymphocyte precursors in different stage of development. Classification of non Hodgkin lymphomas has dramatically evolved in past century. Immunohistochemical analyses with monoclonal antibodies led to major breakthrough in subdivision and diagnoses of NHL. Cyclin D1 represent product of bcl-1 gen, which over expression is often a conequvence of reciprocal translocation t(11;14)(q13;q32). It has major role in cell cycle control, driving cell into S phase by complexing with cyclin dependent kinases (cdk). Cyclin D1 immunostaining can differentiate morfologicaly similar lymphomas with divergent clinical behaviour. Aim of our work was to analyse cyclin D1 expression by immunohistohemical staining in patients with low grade NHL. We have analysed cyclin D1 expression in 62 patients: 21 with mantle cell lymphoma (MCL), 20 with folicular lymphoma (FL) and 21 with B-cell chronic lymphocitic leukaemia (CLL) using LSAB and CSA staining methods. We used Hi-square test for statistical analyses. RESULTS: 85,7% of MCL were cyclin D1 positive, 10% of FL and 4,8% of CLL. Cyclin D1 was over expressed in MCL with statistically highly significant difference toward FL (χ2=23,504; p=0,000) and CLL (χ2=27,776; p=0,000). CONCLUSION: These findings demonstrate that immunostaining for cyclin D1 protein expression is useful in distinguishing MCL from other B-cell lymphoid neoplasms.
Key words: cyclin-D1, mantle cell lymphoma, immunohystochemistry

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Corresponding Address:
Darko Vugdelija
Naselje Kraljevica B-1 I/16, 19000 Zaječar
tel: 019/430041 i 064/1699782
E-mail: vugdelija@ptt.yu

Paper received: 18. 01. 2004.
Paper accepted: 04. 03. 2004.
Published online: 14. 05. 2004.

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