Journal of Regional Section of Serbian Medical Association in Zajecar

Year 2004     Volumen 29     Number 3
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UDK 577.175.6:612.662.1; 577.175.6:612.63.025.2 ISSN 0350-2899, 29(2004) 3 p.151-156
Original paper

The Significance of Determination of Progesterone Concentration
in the Course of Menstrual Cycle and Early Pregnancy

Ratko Paunović
Nuclear Medicine, Medical Centre Zajecar



Contemporary knowledge about progesterone, specially in early pregnancy and luteal phase of menstrual cycle, has been reviewed by author. The argument is the importance of determination of progesterone concentration in the course of menstrual cycle and early pregnancy with intention to assess the function of corpus luteum. This has been documented by the data of many eminent authors. Disbalans in secretion of progesterone can be noticed before spontaneous abortion and substitution therapy can help to prevent it. Author describes RIA method using marked progesterone J-125
(reagents »INEP«- Zemun ). In order to get normal progesterone value in pregnant and not-pregnant women, determination of progesterone concentration in 86 non gravid women (luteal phase of the menstrual cycle ) and 299 pregnant women (4th - 10th week of pregnancy) has been done. Those values have been presented in tables and graphs with probability of P= 95%. Author reveals that there is no difference in 24-hour progesterone concentration which means that blood can be taken any time during the day. During the period of 23 years (1980 – 2003), progesterone concentration in 17719 samples has been determined. For this reason analysis of progesterone has been classified as routine.

Key words: Progesterone, pregnancy, corpus luteum

Napomena: kompletan tekst rada na srpskom jeziku
Note: full text in Serbian
  Corresponding Address:
Ratko Paunović
Obilićev Venac 23, 19000 Zaječar
E mail: ratko_strelac@ptt.yu
  Paper received: 22. 07. 2004.
Paper accepted: 26. 08. 2004.
Published online: 18. 09. 2004.
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