Journal of Regional Section of Serbian Medical Association in Zajecar

Year 2007     Volumen 32     Number 2-3
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UDK 616.147.3-007.64-073 ISSN 0350-2899, 32(2007) br.2-3 p.79-87
Original paper

Colour Doppler Echo-flebography in the Estimation of Topography, Morphology and Haemodynamics of Perforating Veins

Gavrilo Vasilev, Lidija Petrović
Kabinet ultrazvučne dijagnostike, Zdravstveni centar Kladovo



Elevated blood pressure that is transmitted from deep to superficial veins via perforating veins in case of insufficiency causes dilatation of superficial veins and consequently leads to the varicose syndrome. Statistically processed results obtained in the examination of perforating veins of lower extremities by Colour Doppler echo-flebography were grouped in the experimental group and control group. The data on the examinees were inserted in the table that included: gender, age, genetic factor, presence of symptoms (swollen lower extremities, pain, heavy legs, skin lesions), and general topography of perforating veins: Dodd’s, Boyd’s and Cockett’s perforating veins. In the experimental group, which consisted of 17 patients, 70 perforating veins in the lower extremities were examined. Statistically, these veins had two observation characteristics: diameter expressed in mm and functional condition like sufficiency or insufficiency. In the control group, which consisted of 10 patients, 18 perforating veins in the lower extremities were examined with the identical observation characteristics as in the experimental group. Statistically processed data did not prove any interrelatedness of statistical importance between the genders, age, examinees’ gender and genetic predisposition on the one side and the diameters of examined perforating veins on the other. In most cases, enlarged diameter represented also the insufficiency function, thus in the experimental group perforating veins were 3.5mm in the diameter and more - insufficient in 91.2% and perforating veins of smaller diameters in 8.8%. Colour Doppler echo-flebography is a non-invasive method, easily accessible, repeatable and reliable in the estimation of topography, morphology and haemodynamics of perforating veins. In the initial phase, prior to dilatation and varicosity of superficial veins, when insufficient perforating veins are registered, surgical intervention includes ligging of these veins. Thus by their exclusion, blood pressure that is transmitted from deep to superficial veins is lowered and the otherwise inevitable series of changes is interrupted.
Key words: perforating veins, Colour Doppler echo-flebography

: kompletan tekst na srpskom jeziku
Note: full text in Serbian
  Corresponding Address:
Gavrilo Vasilev
Dunavska D-4 II/15, 19320 Kladovo, Serbia
E-mail: vasilev@ptt.yu

Paper received: 02. 04. 2007
Paper accepted: 15. 07. 2007
Published online: 19. 10. 2007
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