Journal of Regional Section of Serbian Medical Association in Zajecar

Year 2007     Volumen 32     Number 2-3
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UDK 618.3:616.379-008.64 ISSN 0350-2899, 32(2007) br.2-3 p.99-105
Original paper

Gestitional Diabetes - Influence of Body Mass Index and Maternal Age on Developing of Diabetes and Pregnancy Outcome

Jelena Jelenković (1), Miodrag Ž. Đorđević (2), Ljiljana Jovanović(2)
(1) Gimnazija Zaječar, (2) Zdravstveni centar Zaječar



The subject of the study was pregnancies with gestational diabetes diagnosed and treated in the Health Care Centre Zaječar in a ten-year period (1997-2006). The group consisted of 135 women with terminated pregnancies. 87% examinees were treated by diet and 13% by insulin. The insulin treated group were statistically older than the diet treated group. 96% of pregnancies ended with a live-born child, of which 82% had bearing weight less than 4 kg. The examinees were monitored according to their maternal age and BMI and the study proved that the two parameters had neither the influence on the development of gestational diabetes nor on related prognosis; consequently, the whole maternal population in the examined area should be screened (no selective screening for gestational diabetes).
Key words: diabetes, pregnancy, gestational diabetes, body mass index

: kompletan tekst na srpskom jeziku
Note: full text in Serbian
  Corresponding Address:
Miodrag Đorđević
Internistička služba, Zdravstveni centar Zaječar
Rasadnička bb, 19000 Zaječar
e-mail: diabetesza@ptt.yu

Paper received: 9.8.2007.
Paper accepted: 18.9.2007.
Published online: 19.10.2007.
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