Journal of Regional Section of Serbian Medical Association in Zajecar

Year 2011     Vol 36     No 4
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      UDK 614.2:615.371

ISSN 0350-2899, 36(2011) br.4 p.188-191

Original paper

Vaccination of healthcare workers against hepatitis virosa B
(Vakcinacija zdravstvenih radnika protiv virusnog hepatita B)

Ivana Janićijević (1), Miodrag Perović (1), Nataša Rančić (2), Snežana Mitić (1)
(1) Institut za javno zdravlje Niš, Centar za kontrolu i prevenciju bolesti,
(2) Univerzitet u Nišu, Medicinski fakultet Niš


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Hepatitis virosa B infection is one of the commonest infections in the world. According to the World Health Organization, a third of the world’s population has been infected with hepatitis virosa B, and about 5% are chronically infected. The AIM of the paper was to estimate vaccination coverage among all healthcare workers in the Nišava and Toplica District in the period 2000-2009. MATERIAL AND METHOD. The sources of data were the Vaccine Protocol of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and the Annual Reports on Infectious Diseases. A descriptive epidemiological method was used. RESULTS. The total number of healthcare workers who were vaccinated against hepatitis virosa B was 3,432, which represented 31.1% of all the healthcare workers (11.024) employed in the institutions of the Nišava and Toplica Districts. In the ten-year period, 4,770 people were vaccinated against hepatitis virosa B, of which number 2,540 (53.24%) were healthcare workers. The main reason for postexposure vaccination was an accident with the infectious material. Mostly, there were nurses 54 (63%), non-medical staff 17 (20%) and physicians 14 (17%). The average number of injuries of medical staff at a work was 6.8. CONCLUSION. In the respective period, only around one third of medical staff was vaccinated against hepatitis virosa B. At the same time, the largest number of accidents was found in nurses. In order to prevent the consequences of hepatitis virosa B infection it is necessary to motivate healthcare workers to vaccinate before the exposition to the virus.
Key words: hepatitis virosa B, epidemiology, vaccine, health care workers

Napomena: kompletan tekst rada na srpskom jeziku
Note: full text in Serbian

      Corresponding Address:
Ivana Janićijević
Institut za javno zdravlje Niš
Centar za kontrolu i prevenciju bolesti,
Bulevar Dr Zorana Đinđića 50, 18000 Niš
tel: 018/ 4-226-384, lokal 125
fax: 018/fax: 018/ 4-225-974
Paper received: 24. 08. 2011
Paper accepted: 18. 10. 2011
Paper Internet issues: 20. 02. 2012
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Journal of Regional section of Serbian medical association in Zajecar
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