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Year 2012     Vol 37     No 2
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ISSN 035-2899, 37(2012) No 2 p.118-122

Case reports

Outbreak of Cattle Plague (Pestis Bovina) in Serbia in 1849 and its Successful Localization
(Продор говеђе куге (pestis bovina) у Србију 1849. године и њено успешно локализовање)

Брана Димитријевић


In 1846 cattle plague (pestis bovina) appeared in the Principality of Vlashka (current Romania). By 1847 the epidemics spread to Turkish Provinces - Bulgaria, Old Serbia and Bosnia. As expected, the Turkish authorities did not take any counter measures; the measures taken in Romania, where soon almost all the cattle stock was destroyed, they were weak and insufficient. In contrast to this, the former (vassal) Serbia and Austria successfully fought back this contagious disease by taking prophylactic measures of quarantine isolation. During the turbulent year of 1848 these measures of control yielded in Austria due to internal conflicts, thus threatening Serbia from the north. Cattle plaque broke out in Serbia at the end of April (according to the Julian calendar) in the village of Burdelj, then in Ratkovo on 20 May, in Velika Vrbica on 28 May, in Grabovica on 5 June, in Mala Vrbica on 11 July, in Radujevac on 11 September, in Kladovo 15 October, in Kamenica at the beginning of November and in Kladušnica in mid November. Due to the energetic measures taken by the Sanitary Department at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the entire Government, the epidemics was first localized and then totally eliminated in January 1850. Barely one third of the cattle stock was contaminated. A bit more than a half of the contaminated cattle died, which could be considered as a success, taken into consideration the high mortality percentage of the epidemic.

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