Journal of Regional Section of Serbian Medical Association in Zajecar

Year 2014     Vol 39     No 2
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      UDK 616.89-008.1(497.11)"2013"

ISSN 035-2899, 39(2014) br.2 p.61-65

Original paper

Frequency of mental disordes in the general practice of the Health Care Center Doljevac
(Učestalost mentalnih poremećaja u Službi opšte medicine Doma zdravlja Doljevac

Miloš Bogoslović (1), Milena Potić-Floranović (2), Miljana Stanojković-Nikolić (3), Dragana Mitrović (4), Milan Spasić (5), Miljana Mladenović-Petrović (6)
(1) Služba za zdravstvenu zaštitu odraslog stanovništva, Dom zdravlja Doljevac, (2) Institut za biomedicinska istraživanja, Medicinski fakultet Niš, (3) Klinika za zaštitu mentalnog zdravlja, KC Niš, (4) Služba za zdravstvenu zaštitu predškolske i školske dece sa medicinom sporta i savetovalištem za mlade, Zdravstveni centar Knjaževac, (5) Stomatološki fakultet Niš, (6) Medicinski fakultet Niš



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Introduction: Mental health disorders around the world, as well as in our country, present a serious social and medical problem. Aim: To demonstrate and study the prevalence of mental disorders, to determine its relation to age and sex distribution of patients treated at the General Practice Department of the Health Care Centre Doljevac. Method: A survey was conducted on the basis of medical records and the electronic database of health-insured patients of Doljevac aging 18 and older who came to see their doctor during 2013. The data were collected, analyzed and presented graphically. Results: Of the total number of insured patients of Doljevac aging over 18 (19,030) during 2013, 4,378 patients (23%) came to see their general practitioners for some symptoms of mental health disorder. Most patients with symptoms of mental health disorder accounted for females 69.30%, while males accounted for 30.70%. 55.85% of the total number patients were diagnosed with F41 (anxiety disorder), 17.10% with F32 (depressive disorder), and 12.29%with F43 (a reaction to severe stress and adjustment disorders). Most commonly mental disorders were present in patients aging 35-65, (49.27%) and in patients over 65 years of age (41.09%), while in patients aging 18-35 the presence was 9.64%. Conclusion: The study of patients treated at the Health Care Centre Doljevac showed a high prevalence of mental disorders in patients. It is alarming that a quarter of the population from the territory of the municipality of Doljevac have symptoms of some mental health disorder. All age groups suffer from these and the incidence in working population is caused by social and economic circumstances.
Key words: prevalence, mental disorders

Napomena: kompletan tekst rada na srpskom jeziku
Note: full text in Serbian
      Corresponding Address:
Miloš Bogoslović,
Dom zdravlja Doljevac, Ul. Romanijska 15/31,
18000 Niš, Srbija;
Paper received: 25.3.2014
Paper accepted: 8.4.2014
Paper Internet issues: 15.8.2014
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Timočki medicinski glasnik, Zdravstveni centar Zaječar
Journal of Regional section of Serbian medical association in Zajecar
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