Journal of Regional Section of Serbian Medical Association in Zajecar

Year 2006     Volumen 31     Number 1-2
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UDK 616.24-072.1 ISBN 0350-2899, 31(2006) 1-2 p. 12-15
Original paper

Fiberoptical bronchoscopy at a Bronchology Ambulance Medical Centre Zaječar - our initial one-year experience

Goran Stanković (1), Dragan Stanojević (2), Zorica Omanović (3), Miodrag Lukić (3), Igor Kuzmanović (3), Borivoje Kostić (3)
(1) Zdravstveni centar Zaječar, Pneumofitiziološka služba, (2) Specijalna bolnica za plućne, očne bolesti i tuberkulozu "Ozren" - Sokobanja, (3) Zdravstveni centar Zaječar, Služba za patologiju



Bronchoscopy is a method which makes tracheabroncho tree visible and also makes it possible to take samples for pathohistological checkup, cytological, bakteriological, immunological and histochemical checkups. Our aim is to show our initial results and experiences in fiberoptical bronchoscopy at a bronchology ambulance of Medical centre Zaječar. From November in 2004 to November 2005, 54 fiberoptical bronchoscopy were made with 45 men and 9 women. With 42 (77,70%) patients there were indications of lung infiltration, with 8 (14,80%) ones hemoptysis, with 2 (3,70%) patients there was a syndrome of the mild-slice of lung, with one (1,85%) patient it was a prolonged caugh and one (1,85%) with lung atelectase. While doing endoscopy the immediate signs of tumor were noticed with 17 patients (31%). The analyses results were: with 18 patients (33,30% ) bronchogeny planocellular Ca was proved, with 1 patient Adeno Ca (1,85% ) and microcellular Ca (1,85%). After cytological checkup of the samples taken from two patients the malign cells of morphologic characteristics and of plate-layers type were seen, with 2 patients (3,70 %) a positive Löw culture was found in the bronchoaspirate and in five cases there was a positive bacteriological finding in the bronchoaspirate (9,25%). One patient gave up (1,85% ). As for complications,one iatrogenic pneumotorax was registered after transbronchial biopsy. A considerable improwement in making the diagnosis complete has been made by the introduction of fiberoptical bronchoscopy.
Key words: fiberoptical bronchoscopy, lung infiltration, lung Ca, bronchoaspirate.

Napomena: kompletan tekst rada na srpskom jeziku
Note: full text in Serbian

  Corresponding Address:
Goran Stanković
Branka Ćopića 13, 19 000 Zaječar

Paper received: 01.06.2006.
Paper accepted: 10.08.2006.
Published online: 22.09.2006.
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