Journal of Regional Section of Serbian Medical Association in Zajecar

Year 2013     Vol 38     No 1
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      UDK 316.644:796/799(497.11)"2011";

ISSN 035-2899, 38(2013) br.1 p.25-29

Original paper

Researching the population´s attitudes regarding the importance of recreational sports
Istraživanje stavova stanovništva o važnosti rekreativnog bavljenja sportom

Igor Trandafilović (1), Vesna Pašić (1), Željko Nikolić (2)



In order to determine the attitudes of the population on the territory of the city of Zajecar regarding the importance of sports recreation activities, 194 respondents of both sexes, all ages, from teenagers to pensioners were surveyed. The survey was designed in the form of a questionnaire containing 24 questions. The research was done in order to get a picture of how our citizens value recreational sports and its impact on the quality of life. The analysis of the results obtained shows that there is awareness among a large number of respondents that sport recreation is extremely important for the quality of life but on the other hand there is no steady habit of daily practicing. By comparing the obtained results with the results of the research conducted in the European Union in 2005 entitled "Sports Participation in the European Union: Trends and Differences," it is evident that the percentage of the population of the European Union who regularly recreate is much lower than in Zajecar, which should not be taken for granted considering the sample of the survey.
Key words: health, population, sports recreation

Napomena: kompletan tekst rada na srpskom jeziku
Note: full text in Serbian
      Corresponding Address:
Igor Trandafilović,
Fakultet za menadžment Zaječar,
Park šuma Kraljevica b.b, 19000 Zaječar, Srbija;
Paper received: 4. 3. 2013
Paper accepted: 13. 5. 2013
Paper Internet issues: 15. 7. 2013
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Timočki medicinski glasnik, Zdravstveni centar Zaječar
Journal of Regional section of Serbian medical association in Zajecar
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