Journal of Regional Section of Serbian Medical Association in Zajecar

Year 2013     Vol 38     No 1
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ISSN 035-2899, 38(2013) br.1 p.21-24

Original paper

The influence of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and tibolone to the activity of osteocalcin in postmenopausal women
Uticaj tibolona i hormonske supstitucione terapije na aktivnost ostekalcina kod žena u postmenopauzi

Ana M. Dević, Aleksandar P. Dević



The osteoporosis is a systematic bone disease and is a serious health problem as well as a social and economic one, because of its consequences to bone fracture. It is believed that 10% of female world population suffer from osteoporosis, and it is most evident in postmenopausal period. The study was conducted in a group of 40 women suffering from osteopenia during the postmenstrual period. They were treated with Tibolone and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The control group was composed of postmenopausal women that were not treated in any way. Metabolic bone activity was monitored by osteocalcin which is a marker of bone formation. Blood samples were taken before therapy and one month later. The average value of osteocalcin one month after Tibolone therapy and HRT was lower than before the therapy. During the therapy period, the serum concentration of osteocalcin was significantly lower than it had been before the treatment. The results showed high efficiency of HRT and Tibolone therapy to bone reabsorption and suppressive effect on bone formation, which resulted from the correlation between the formation and reabsorption of bone. Monitoring of the parameters of metabolic bone activity is a useful diagnostic tool for the evaluation of Tibolone effect to bone metabolic activity or to forecast bone mass.
Key words: osteoporosis, postmenopausal women, tibolone, hormone replacement therapy

Napomena: kompletan tekst rada na srpskom jeziku
Note: full text in Serbian
      Corresponding Address:
Ana M. Dević,
Admirala Geprata 3, 11000 Beograd, Srbija;
Paper received: 29. 1. 2013.
Paper accepted: 13. 5. 2013
Paper Internet issues: 15. 7. 2013
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Journal of Regional section of Serbian medical association in Zajecar
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