Journal of Regional Section of Serbian Medical Association in Zajecar

Year 2013     Vol 38     No 4
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ISSN 035-2899, 38(2013) br.4 p.214-216

History of medicine

90 years of the Pediatric health services of the Health Centre, Zrenjanin
(Деведесета година постојања Педијатријске службе Дома здравља Зрењанин)

Бранислава Станимиров




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First health care professionals in the area in late eighteen century were district surgeons – "felchers", who were under the supervision of the Medics Chamber, Timisoara. Late nineteenth and early twentieth century brought to the humanity a great rise in science and thus a rise in medicine as well. In Zrenjanin, then called Great Bečkerek, a State Children‟s Dispensary was founded and in 1925 a State Dispensary for schoolaged children was established, too. Five years later a House of Public Health was founded taking both dispensaries under its authority. 50 years ago, the Health Care Centre Dr. Bosko Vrebalov was established integrating health stations, the specialist clinic and the dispensaries.
Keywords: first health care professional, XVIII century, Health Care Centre

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Timočki medicinski glasnik, Zdravstveni centar Zaječar
Journal of Regional section of Serbian medical association in Zajecar
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