Journal of Regional Section of Serbian Medical Association in Zajecar

Year 2013     Vol 38     No 4
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ISSN 035-2899, 38(2013) br.4 p.210-213

Review article

Graves’ disease and orbital decompression – case report
(Grejvsova bolest i orbitalna dekompresija – prikaz slučaja)

Mirjana A. Janićijević-Petrović (1, 2), Tatjana S. Šarenac-Vulović (1, 2), Katarina M. Janićijević (2), Andrijana B. Popović (2)




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The Graves’ ophthalmopathy is an autoimmune disease, which comes as the consequence of specific thyroid disfunction. The Graves’ ophthalmopathy is the immunological inflammatory reaction of postorbital connective, adipose and extra ocular muscle tissue. About 6% of patients with Graves’ ophthalmopathy develop corneal problems severe enough to require surgical orbital decompression. A 49 years old, male patient was cared in Institute for care of mentally retarded of "Male Pčelice" in Kragujevac (Central Serbia). Case report presented - status post bilateral decompression propter Graves’ disease. In clinical picture (preoperative) dominance of exophthalmos, mixed hyperemia, conjunctiva secretion and hemosis, and massive corneal ulcer (moist chamber on right eye were noticed, which is the sealed plastic protector with central vision lens, fixed circular patch). Using ultrasound (preoperative) we have seen intra orbital tissue formation in right orbit, and marked fibrosis of extra ocular muscles in left orbit. Computer tomography imaging detected preoperative status on both eyes: the right orbit has shown marked, intra orbit tissue formation; the left orbit has shown strong fibrosis of extra ocular muscles. Patient was controlled and treated with endocrine therapy (pre and post-operative). Authors applied topical therapy (preoperative) with antibiotics, steroid drugs and artificial tears. Conservative therapy is not given satisfactory results and the decision was made on surgical treatment. The Graves’ disease can result in severe corneal ulcer which may necessitate orbital decompression.
Keywords: Graves’ ophthalmopathy, corneal ulcer, orbital decompression

Napomena: kompletan tekst rada na srpskom jeziku
Note: full text in Serbian
      Corresponding Address:
Mirjana A. Janićijević-Petrović,
Klinika za oftalmologiju; Klinički centar Kragujevac; Ul. Zmaj Jovina 30; 34000 Kragujevac; Srbija;
Paper received: 5.12.2013
Paper accepted: 6.12.2013
Paper Internet issues: 14.3.2013
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