Journal of Regional Section of Serbian Medical Association in Zajecar

Year 2015     Vol 40     No 2
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ISSN 0350-2899. - Vol. 40, No. 2 (2015), pp. 87-91.

Original paper

Frenk H. Neter - Michelangelo of medicine
Frenk H. Neter – Mikelanđelo medicine

Vladimir Veselinov, Vladimir Davidović
Opšta bolnica Kikinda


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Frank H. Neter was an American surgeon and a renowned medical illustrator, and owing to the popularity of his illustrations he started being called Michelangelo of medicine. Born in New York as a child of immigrants in 1906, he showed his artistic aspirations from the moment he could hold a pencil. He used to draw all the time during his schooling, and after secondary school he got a scholarship for the National Academy of Design, and decided that he will become an illustrator. However his mother persuaded him to go in for medicine. But talent would always find its own way out, so Frank went on drawing his sketches during lectures in order to clarify some medical concepts first to himself and then to his colleagues and to his professors as well. After graduation and a short career as a surgeon, in a twist of fate, his work was noticed by some pharmaceutical companies. During the Great Depression Frank received $7,500 for a series of five drawings, which was far more than his annual salary as a surgeon. He put away his scalpel and once and for all replaced it with a pencil. Thanks to a five-decade-long collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Ciba Neter became the most famous medical illustrator in the world who represented every aspect of the 20th century medicine. Netter’s magnum opus was a series of atlases, each devoted to a particular organ system, covering anatomy, embryology, physiology, pathology and their essential clinical features. Neterov style is unique, a true blend of striking realism and medical accuracy. Neter continued making medical illustrations until his death in 1991. His works go on living in books that are usually students’ first contact with medicine, but also in all of us who have been inspired to find art in medicine.

Napomena: kompletan tekst rada na srpskom jeziku
Note: full text in Serbian
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Vladimir Veselinov,
Svetosavska 26/16, 23300 Kikinda, Srbija.
Paper received: 24.4.2015
Paper accepted: 5.6.2015
Paper Internet issues: 21.8.2015
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Timočki medicinski glasnik, Zdravstveni centar Zaječar
Journal of Regional section of Serbian medical association in Zajecar
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