Journal of Regional Section of Serbian Medical Association in Zajecar

Year 2005     Volumen 30     Number 3
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UDK: 616-083.89:546.21 ISSN 0350-2899, 30(2005) 3 p. 123-131

Oxygen Systems, Application Methods and Common Mistakes
in Prehospital Settings

Igor Crnić
ZD Izola, Reševalna služba Slovenske Istre



  Summary: Oxygen application is probably one of the most frequent interventions performed by the EMS providers; it is perhaps why it has become a routine. Regardless of this fact, oxygen application is important and could be even dangerous for the patient if not controlled. We should allow for the fact that there are different devices for oxygen administration, any of them supplying the patient with different oxygen concentrations. So there are some rules to know regarding oxygen administration. Those few important things, besides the patient’s condition, should be considered when deciding on oxygen concentration to be given to the patient.
Another important fact is presence of liquid in the oxygen humidifier, which is very important for continuous oxygen therapy. However, in prehospital settings we have short oxygen applications and if humidifiers are not regularly maintained and liquid changed, they can become a good nutrient medium for bacteria. That is why it is preferable to have dry oxygen humidifiers in ambulances. What we often forget is that the inhaled oxygen concentration depends not only on oxygen application method, but also on breathing. We have to accept the fact that oxygen itself can significantly influence the patient’s condition, in the same way as we consider many factors before we decide on the application of some medication. Therefore a number of things to know and consider before oxygen application are described below.
Key words: oxygen, application, mistakes

Note: full text in Serbian
Napomena: kompletan tekst rada na srpskom jeziku

  Corresponding Address:
Igor Crnić
Reševalna služba slovenske Istre
Dantejeva 5, 6310 Izola, Slovenija
  Paper received: 08.07.2005.
Paper accepted: 01.09.2005.
Published online: 16.12.2005.
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