Journal of Regional Section of Serbian Medical Association in Zajecar

Year 2010     Vol 35     No 3-4
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ISSN 0350-2899, 35(2010) br.3-4 p.76-80

Original paper

The influence of risk factors on breast disease (Breast cancer)

Marija Kržanović



The risk factors for breast diseases, together with breast cancer, include not only positive family history but also other factors such as physical activity, obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption. The aim of this work is to show relatedness of risk factors with changes in breasts, which later may cause the occurrence of breast cancer. METHODS: The research was done by doctors of the Preventive Centre in Zaječar. The examination data was taken in the period from February to the end of October 2009from preventive cards of active women working in firms of social activities at the territory of Zaječar. THE RESULT: According to surveys of risk factors it was discovered that a positive family history of breast cancer among potentially healthy women was 3.79% and among women with changes it was 12.90%. Positive family history of other cancers, n potentially health women have 14.68% and women with changes have 38.71%. When it comes to other risk factors, it is concluded that obesity is present among potentially healthy women in 21.56% and among women with changes in 25.83%. 63.79% of potentially healthy women and 77.41% of women with changes do physical exercise. There are 36.77% active smokers among potentially healthy women and 48.38% among women with changes. Alcohol is consumed by 88.56% of potentially healthy women and 85.25 % of women with changes. We have concluded that there is certain influence of risk factors on the occurrence of breast disease and breast cancer and it is need to regularly perform preventive examinations of healthy population for timely detection and treatment.
Keywords: risk factors, breast cancer

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