Journal of Regional Section of Serbian Medical Association in Zajecar

Year 2011     Vol 36     No 2
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ISSN 0350-2899, 36(2011) br.2 p.103-114


Classical hormone replacement therapy in menopause: indications and risks
(Klasična hormonska supstituciona terapija u menopauzi: indikacije i rizici)

Terezija Mošković
Specijalistička ginekološka ordinacija "Mošković" Beograd, Srbija


Insufficiency of estrogen in peri and postmenopausa can result in vasomotor, psychic and urogenital symptoms and a decrease in bone density. When these symptoms are severe, they can have a profound effect on a woman’s quality of life, but they can be prevented and alleviated by using conventional hormone substitution therapy (HST) which implies giving only estrogen or estrogen-progestagen preparations. There are different regimes of hormone replacement therapy for peri and postmenopausal women. Tailoring therapy provides optimal sort, dose and the way of application for each woman.
There are not so many absolute contraindications for hormone replacement therapy, but there are some conditions which may be worsened during the hormone therapy and they belong to the group of relative contraindications. The focus of our interest as doctors and scientists who study this area are possible risks of the therapy. There are still many confusions and contradictory results when we talk about individual risks. Although some of the facts are accepted and proved, for example an increasing risk of breast cancer in a long-term estrogen-progestogen therapy, it is still a very large and unexplored field that requires not only basic and epidemiological studies, but an extensive and long-term double blind studies in which certain parameters and potential risks will be monitored, but with strictly defined type, dose and application of hormones.
Key words: hormone replacement therapy, menopause, symptoms, indications, risks

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