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Year 2013     Vol 38     No 3
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ISSN 035-2899, 38(2013) br.3 p.142-147

Review article

Dr Mićo Mićović, the first manager of The Hygiene Institute in Zaječar
(Др Мићо Мићовић, први управник хигијенског завода у Зајечару)

Petar Paunovic




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This paper about dr Mića Mičović, the first manager of the Hygiene Institute in Zaječar, was inspired by the initiative of the Section for the History of Medicine, Serbian Medical Society, Belgrade, to have the historians of health care do research in the lives and work of “great physicians in small communities”,
When in 1953, sanitary and epidemiologic stations in Yugoslavia were being turned into hygiene institutes, the Sanitary and Epidemiologic Station in Zaječar became a Hygiene Institute with the aim of strengthening and professionalisation of primary medicine in the Timok region.
Educated in at Dr Andrija Štampar School, Zagreb before the Second World War, with the experience of a manager of the former Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, with huge practical experience of a physician concerned with preventive medicine and with specialised knowledge of preventive medicine (microbiology and hygiene), dr Mićo Mićović became the first manager of the Hygiene Institute in Zaječar. When in 1961 Hygiene Institutes in Yugoslavia were transformed into Institutes for Health Protection, dr Mićo Mićović continued his career on a managing position as the first manager on the afore mentioned institute, mostly owing to his qualifications in the field of preventive medicine and great results as the head of the Hygiene Institute. He kept that position and went on working as a bacteriologist until 31st January 1964, when he retired.
At the time when the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Zaječar became a Hygiene Institute and dr Mićo Mićović its first manager, there were complex health problems that endangered people’s health. War-ravaged economy and infrastructure, damaged and impoverished health care facilities, a small number of doctors and other medical personnel, refugees, lice, tuberculosis and endemic syphilis, epidemic intestinal infections in the areas where the problems of hygienic drinking water supply and disposal of waste materials were not solved and where there was underdeveloped health consciousness of the local people – all these were a great challenge for dr Mico Mićović as the first manager of the Hygiene Institute in Zaječar, but also a great opportunity to prove himself in practice as a preventive medicine physician and humanist once again.
Institutions and institutes pass through different periods in their development. What they are, what they do and especially what they mean to people in the light of public health, is determined by many factors. This paper is an attempt to show the importance of the role of an individual in the development and achievement of predetermined missions. By appointing dr Mico Mićović a manager of the Hygiene Institute in Zaječar on 1stJanuary 1943, a continuity in the development and prevention work in the area of Timok region had been provided ever since the establishment of the Independent Bacterial Stations in Zaječar in 1922 and the Centre of Public Health in 1930.
Devoted to his work, while at the same time doing bacteriology, hygiene and epidemiology, this health enlightener, an enthusiast and a professional par excellence, dr Mico Mićović showed the way of the development of modern professionalised preventive medicine in the area of Timok region and became a role model to many doctors - his successors at the Institute and in the operational area of the Institute.
Key words: dr Mićo Mićović, preventive medicine, Hygiene Institute in Zaječar, the Timok region

Napomena: kompletan tekst rada na srpskom jeziku
Note: full text in Serbian
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Petar Paunovic
19314 Rajac, Serbia
Paper received: 29.7. 2013
Paper accepted: 30.8. 2013
Paper Internet issues: 30.12.2013
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