Journal of Regional Section of Serbian Medical Association in Zajecar

Year 2014     Vol 39     No 2
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ISSN 035-2899, 39(2014) br.2 p.85-89

Case report

Bilateral inferior dislocation of the shoulder joint (bilateral luxatio erecta humeri) - Case report
(Obostrana donja luksacija ramenog zgloba (luxatio erecta humeri bilateralis) – prikaz slučaja)

Ivica Milošević, Dragoslav Božilović, Vesna Jović
Služba za prijem i zbrinjavanje urgentnih stanja, Opšta bolnica, Zdravstveni centar Bor



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Introduction: Lower dislocation of the shoulder joint (luxatio erecta humeri) is rare, with an incidence of 0.5% in relation to all dislocations. This paper shows a patient with bilateral lower luxation of the shoulder joint, explains the clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment of this rare dislocation. Case report: The patient presented to the Emergency Department after the accidental fall from a height onto a flat surface. During the fall, he put both of arms in abducted position, overhead. On examination, both upper arms were hyper-abducted with moderate external rotation, elbows joints were in flexion, and forearms in incomplete pronation. Both of humeral heads were palpable in the axillary fossa and attached overside of the chest wall. Finger movements were difficult, to impossible, to the right side more prominent. Radiography examination confirmed luxatio erecta humeri bilateralis. After that, we performed a closed reduction using traction/counter-traction method. After the orthopedic repositioning we recorded weakness of the upper extremities. Neurological assessment proved bilateral brachial plexopathy, prominent on the right-side. After diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, the patient wase immobilized by Desault bandage. Conclusion: The clinical diagnosis of luxatio erecta humeri is characteristic and easily recognized. Radiography is crucial for the diagnosis for this type of dislocation. Neurological complications were recorded and treated after repositioning. Rehabilitation therapy is still in progress, and further follow-up will give final evidence about the long-term prognosis.
Keywords: lower dislocation of the shoulder joint, luxatio erecta humeri bilateralis, shoulder joint

Napomena: kompletan tekst rada na srpskom jeziku
Note: full text in Serbian
      Corresponding Address:
Milošević Ivica;
Služba za prijem i zbrinjavanje urgentnih stanja, Opšta bolnica, Zdravstveni Centar Bor,
Doktora Mišovića 1, 19210 Bor; Srbija;
Paper received: 30.4.2014
Paper accepted: 7.5.2014
Paper Internet issues: 15.8.2014
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